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You mess me up....

Last night was 2 funnie

"I'll drink 2 that"

me and kayla got home round 1230 from chillen w. the boys at the PARK. ha go figure!

neways we stayed up all night and drank. yep just the 2 of us & talked on the phone all night 2 Erica.. she was sleepin over Nickolas's house and let me tell u they were cracccckin me up!

Good Time...

This morning tho erica showed up @ my house teary eyed..
Shelly has ANOTHER boo boo

poor shelly ((3000 gt mitsbushi)) OUR BABY!
its pearl white and pearls come from oysters and oysters come from shells? So she's Shelly to us.

But she scratched it up bad and idk she just hasnt been having good days.

ERICA NACCA I LOVE U BABY GIRL and ur b-day is coming!!
uk what that means!

So the 3 of us had a crying fest. 3 of us def. needed it.

& dont EVEN make fun of us.

Then we all slept all day and now Im in SUCHA GOOD mood.


And idk MY HOPES ARE UP REALLY HIGH and I'm kinda scared that they are.

I gotta go blow dry my hair then I'm meetin up Brendon and Andy to help them shop.

Then afterwords.... :)

Till then -- Ta Ta
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