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I'm sinking slowly so hurry hold me, your hand is all I have to keep hanging on

Well the past few days ive been...

just laying out in the sun and swimming and what not with Kayla. ^ The hot chic above. And we've been chillen with Andy Fragassi!!! <33

Everyones been in bad moods tho..... and it got to me.

I dont even want to have fun!!!

Boys bother me

Especially when one of them puts you through so much shit and drops you several times AND after all that still has the nerve to ruin your chances with someone else.

oh my goodness!!


Seems like everytime I find someone one I like I cant be with them for some annoying reason.

How many times has this happened now??

But I'm ok.


Kayla and Erica are here, falling asleep on my couch.

Gunna go wake them so we can get ready and merk.

Gotta stop and see our pontillo's boys tonite!

I'll add more later 2day Peace


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