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My hearts at a low I'm so much to manage I think you should know that i've been damaged

ok well erase everything I said in the entry before.

I dont hate boys any more.

Actually... they really can be kinda understanding sometimes :) thnx again

Things are finally looking good.

Tonight me and the girls went out with our other friend (cant tell you who sorry) We cruised around and on the way home HOTTEST MOTHER EFFERS in a red camaro drove next to us on the express way and we tried giving them our number but its kinda hard when ur going 75 mph. Then our exit came and then we lost them. goddamnit.




...first week of August

with ANDY!! o god it cant come soon enough

well i'm gunna go load some pics me and kayla took today with the digital then go to sleep in my own bed for once. Ahh


GoodNight <3 you's

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