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Marilyn Monroe. You are the ultimate woman.
You've got style, class, sex appeal and most of
all "the look". You are every man's
dream girl, no matter what era. You're the
essence of everything feminine and sexy, but
are a little ditzy at times. All you need is
some red lipstick and some Chanel #5 and you've
got it made. Watch Marilyn float across the
screen in "The Seven Year Itch" to
see how a little bit of body language goes a
long way!

Who is your inner bombshell?
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Pain is inevitable....Suffering is optional.....

 Friday night me and erica jam packed the GT and drove down to Brendons cottage to camp!!--Andy and Nick came too and followed us in the Nova.. untill it died right when we got off the thru way. Freakin pain in the ass had to drive like 25 mph so they wouldnt loose us. By the time we got there we missed out on watching the sunset! But I had fun. I  jumped off of Brendons high dock into the lake! Funniest thing in the world.

Me and erica left the next day and went strate to her cottage. Slept most of the afternoon till the boys came (Brendon, Andy, Bill, and Nick) We took out erica's huge partayy boat and went out and partayyed on it all night. 

i <33 my friends Good Good 4th of July Weekend!

Listen to me complain... plz? :(

It hurts when things mean EVERYTHING to you and you find out that it meant NOTHING to someone else.

I'm so proud of myself that I've been staying strong... but sometimes you get sick and tired of bein so goddamn strong.

I dont even care anymore Im not gunna act like this isn't bothering me because I'M NOT OK and I DO CARE and MY FEELINGS WERE HURT.

God you don't even know.

I want to mean the world to someone and just be put FIRST.

kayla^^ heh i love you

k well ... Its done and over with.

Moving on.........

right girls?

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I'm Loving Angels instead

Of all the things I beleived in I just want to get it over with

Tears form behind my eyes but i do not cry

Counting down the days that pass me by

Ive been searching deep down in my soul

Words that I'm hearing are starting to get old

Feels like I'm starting all over again

Last few years were just PrEtEnD...

And its hurts to want Everything and Nothing at the same time

I want whats yours and I want whats mine

I want you....

But I'm not giving in this time



Last couple days have been so strange! I dont even know! And I cant even tell you. Sorrry! I feel like i haven't gotten my way in So Long. And I'm not even complaining. Just saying... WTF!! I just wish I had someone who understood exactly what I mean. But... no chance of that.

Gunna go put my new HOT bathing suit on and float around in the pool and tan!!! So freaking relaxing.


Oh! IM GOING TO THE BAHAMAS THE FIRST WEEK OF AUGUST WITH... er, kayla, marlena, manda, nikki, brendon and andy too Partaayyy @ ERICAS NEW HOUSE RITE ON THE BEACH!!!!!.

k just had to state that too put me in a Good mood :) bye!


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On a Monday I am waiting By Tuesday I am Fading...

"I am good, But not an Angel. I do sin, But I am not the Devil. I am pretty, But not beautiful. I have friends, but I am not the Peacemaker. I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to Love." Marilyn Monroe


Stayed home all day because this weather has been ruining my plans!!


Talked on the phone to this girl Alex for awhile.  Its great how many friends you can make from X boyfriends. :)


Alexandrea comes back home today!!!! Only staying a couple weeks though. God I love that girl. April 16, 2003 was a very important day to us and we shared it which makes me love her even more;-) If you only knew what i was talking about you would understand the importance. Stupid girls we were. Nevermind I gotta go get ready because me, erica naccs, kayla, and erica minni are going to go over to her Gramma's to see her and catch up on things and bond!!!!





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Further seems forever

Things I want:

GUESS wallet (Signs Trifold)

Louis Vuitton Tote Bag

Louis Vuitton Cherry Blossom Hand Bag

Ford Mustang (Coup Mach 1) Hot pink --black leather inside

Pink Floral Print Strapless Dress from Charlotte Russe (So pretty go to the site and click "gotta have" and take a look http://www.charlotte-russe.com/spring2004/ )

White Maltese (would keep the fur short)

Hot Pink Tommy Overalls

Pink Play Boy Flashing Antenna for my Cell Phone

The Notebook on Dvd (Best Movie Ever)


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Let's talk this over
It's not like we're dead
Was it something I did?
Was it something you said?
Don't leave me hanging
In a city so dead held up so high
On such a breakable thread

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be
You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

It's nice to know you were there
Thanks for acting like you cared
And making me feel like I was the only one
It's nice to know we had it all
Thanks for watching as I fall
And letting me know we were done

You were all the things I thought I knew
And I thought we could be
You were everything, everything that I wanted
We were meant to be, supposed to be, but we lost it
And all the memories, so close to me, just fade away
All this time you were pretending
So much for my happy ending
oh oh, oh oh, oh oh...

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Do I ever cross your mind?
Do you ever wake up reaching out for me?
Do I ever cross your mind?
I miss you..

Ive been dicken around with this for about an hr now. Tryin to figure how I can pick my own picture as the backround..if you know how let me know. Thnx. Well neways I gotta go shower since its 530 and I still haven't yet. Because yes, I am a fatass and I sat on my ass the entire day eating and laying around :) But I'm about to geta moving coz 2nite is Sunday which means I'm goin up to the beach with my girls in the 3 thou ;-) So I'll post later because I assumed I would have something worth writing about to say. But i guess i dont today. Sorry.
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